Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo can we all pause and take in the irony of the popularity of the holiday in the USA and the fact that we have Drumpf as a Presidential candidate?

We celebrate the Mexican underdog victory over France here more than in Mexico! It has become a day to celebrate Mexican culture, the influence their culture has had on ours, and Mexican-American heritage.

Can we all just recognize, that our country has gained some great things and great people AS WELL as bad from our Southern NEIGHBOR (do we know what it means to be neighborly anymore?). That yes people need to come here legally AND those legal processes are overly complex. Yes our laws need to be enforced AND this is a humanitarian nightmare that affects millions of AMERICANS.

I just want people to acknowledge that this is complicated and it sucks. Get to know your immigrant and first/second generation American neighbors before you vote on immigration issues. I don’t have the answers and I doubt the Donald Drumpf does either.