200 Calorie Power Meal

I love eggs.  I could eat eggs every day but I’m not always ready for a meal that hardy first thing in the morning so I often have a small bowl of oatmeal or smoothie for breakfast and eat eggs for lunch!**(did you know you can microwave eggs at work?)  I always cook them different ways and top them with different things.

The last couple of days I have had an extra ingredient on hand that I am loving.  This past weekend my hubby made large potato wedge fries, well not really fries because they were baked not fired but you get the point.  Anyway we had a lot of them leftover so I’ve been adding to my eggs.  So good!  And before you guys jump on me for the amount of starch I’m adding to my diet you should know a couple of wedges (maybe 1/4 of potato) is not going to kill me.  AND potatoes are high in vitamin c, iron, and b6.


A few pre baked potato wedges (or left of mashed or baked potatoes)

Two scrambled eggs

Dash of 1% or skim milk (makes them a little fluffier)

Onion (whatever kind you have on had today I used white)

Tomatoes (I use cherry tomatoes)


Spinach (I add mine at the end, I don’t like cooked spinach)

Fresh cracked pepper


The potatoes, eggs, and milk add up to about 190 calories.  Onion, tomato, jalapeños, and spinach have so few calories and are packed with so much goodness I don’t believe in limiting them in any diet.  These eggs are so good you wont miss things like cheese or salt at all.

** Want to be able to prep this in the break room?  Night before or in the morning before work whip eggs and milk in a microwave safe sealable container.  Store potatoes in separate microwave safe container and veggies in a third container.  Store your ingredients in fridge or insulated lunch bag/box.  When lunch rolls around microwave potatoes 30-60 seconds.  Microwave eggs for 1 minute break up with fork, add potatoes and veggies.  Voila!